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Hey, DirectTV, maybe we can work out a trade. What would happen if we tossed some free advertising your way, would that be something you might be interested in?

For the impatient viewers out there, watch a failed celebration at the 0:36 mark… Survival Tip: Stick to looking sexy on the sidelines, Samantha.

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  That was some game, wasn’t it? A year had passed since Brady last took the field in a regular season contest, but that didn’t stop Patriot fans from building high expectations. It didn’t take long for me to realize that this game was not to be a cake walk. Welker and Brady appeared to [...]

.  “A Better Way to Decide Overtime in the N.F.L.” Teams that win the coin flip have an advantage and win more games. The losing team frequently doesn’t get a chance to touch the ball. Life isn’t fair, and this system isn’t either.  Last season, the Patriots lost to the Jets on the first overtime [...]

- Thanks to the Jiggler for the tip.


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