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Elevator elevator, you got shafted.

This video just shot to the top of the “Why Soccer Sucks Dick” scale, and that’s no easy feat.

That’s the best play I’ve seen since the¬†Annexation of Puerto Rico.

Tough video to break down, but I think I’m on Michael Phelps’ side on this one.

A Ridiculous Own Goal

In: Sports

7 Jul 2010

I’m no soccer nut, but that has to be the craziest own goal in the history of the world.

Mainly because the majority of our sports announcers feel pressured to at least give the impression of remaining unbiased, and I don’t see many of them ever getting fired up the way old Gepetto does here.

“Hey Hugh Jackman, check it out, I’m your biggest fan. You want me to blow you?” PITTSBURGH — Linebacker LaMarr Woodley predicts the New England Patriots and Cincinnati Bengals will “lay down” for their virtually meaningless games Sunday because they don’t want the Super Bowl champion Steelers to make the playoffs. The Steelers (8-7) would [...]

OT: Zebrie Sanders, Florida State Lineman, Stands Still After Ball is snapped and remains frozen for the entire play.

Those guys were idiots if they thought they were going to pull it off on the first try. They didn’t even have anyone retrieving balls for the kickers.


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