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Big Surprise

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16 Jul 2010

Fleshlight sex toy attracts world of warcraft nerds like flies on rice.

I’m gonna go with the machine gun. Real chicks dig machine guns, thus alleviating any need for a fake vagina.

Guy borrow’s friend’s fleshlight, bangs friend’s mom, get’s mom pregnant, worries that she’s pregnant with her son’s fleshlight semen.

Succu Dry Sex in a Can from Fleshlight, the first vampire inspired sex toy. Be thankful that I’m writing about this and not a plastic mold of a werewolf anus.

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– Video game players with less-than-dexterous thumbs will soon stand a fighting chance, with Microsoft Corp. on Monday promising a new method for controlling the action with full body movements. The Redmond, Wash., software giant unveiled a technology for its Xbox 360 video game console that, as early as next year, could let people toss [...]

Giving Up

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4 May 2009

In the future, computers will come with self-cleaning fleshlights built in. Forward thinking, brought to you by Boozeworthy.


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