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Dammit! Just when it was getting good.

Parkour Experts

In: Youtube

21 Sep 2010

I’ve watched many awe-inspiring parkour feats on the internet, but there was definitely something those videos were missing. I wasn’t sure what it was exactly, but now I know. It was the blooper reel. Perfect material for a survival tip of the day.

Goalkeeper Fail

In: Sports

10 Sep 2010

This is why you don’t showboat until the fat lady sings. This hotshot paid the price. Doesn’t matter what the sport is, you can’t take any chances. You gotta eliminate any doubt before you pop the champagne. Just ask Judge Smails who was too busy celebrating to enforce a rule that could have won him the [...]

Baby Hula Hoop

In: Youtube

30 Aug 2010

This kid sucks. What a moron. He obviously didn’t cook long enough in the oven.

Man v. Hill Fail

In: Youtube

24 Aug 2010

I’ve been there, my man. I’ve been there. Happens to the best of us, as well as David Hasselhoff.

Vending Machine Fail

In: Youtube

19 Aug 2010

I’m not even mad. That’s amazing.

Survival Tip: Have basic motor skills.

World Cup newspaper coverage shows a depiction of your typical North Korean.

Survival Tip: Go read Newton’s 3rd law. God, I hate skateboarders.


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