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Survival Tip: If you can’t run with the big dogs, stay on the porch!

Survival Tip: That’s not how to impress the ladies at the beach.

Survival Tip: Hit that jump like a real man, pussy. Also don’t break your fall with your face.

Survival Tip: Don’t drift off to Never Never Land at a concert. Enter Sandman Faceplant – watch more funny videos

Survival Tip: Stop using your face to break your fall.

Survival Tip: If your friends are impressed by jump-rope tricks, they probably aren’t worth impressing.

Survival Tip: Don’t be a ginger kid. – Thanks to the doc for the tip.

Survival Tip: Stop trying to impress Johnny boy.

Survival Tip: If you’ve never seen anyone else do it, it’s probably for good reason. Kid Faceplants Into Wall – Watch more Epic Fails


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