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So ESPN is promoting their new fancy playoff simulator tool on their front page, so I figured I’d appease them and give it a try. No joke, this was the outcome on my very first go-round. Based on the 17% upset over the Cavs in the conference semis I’m not so sure ESPN didn’t hone [...]

The Live Feed – ESPN and Discovery Communications announced plans Tuesday to launch the industry’s first 3D television networks. The sports programmer will introduce a 3D network this summer, while Discovery is joining forces with Sony and Imax for a 3D network to launch in 2011. The announcements represent a potentially game-changing addition to the [...]

If you’ve seen the Andrews’ video then you know it was shot from a low angle with a handheld camera. They teach geometry at the police academy?

Who the hell would want to see Zdeno Chara naked? What the hell is wrong with ESPN? Since I had to see this, you will all have to share in my pain. – Picture from ESPN the Magazine’s “Body Issue”

This one’s been around awhile, but it always gets a laugh.  Former NFL tight end Brian Kinchen links tender hands and ball caressing to gays…wait, where did he go wrong again?

At about 9:15 PM last night, the schooling had begun. The Booze entered his ESPN live draft and queued up his 3rd overall pick. From that point on the other 11 teams watched as he sniped great pick after great pick off the board. For example, When David Price landed on my roster there was a [...]


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