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They’re from San Fran? That doesn’t surprise me. I also wasn’t surprised to see the Growing Pains guy as the host.

Tough loss for the B’s last night. On the upside, I thought they looked really sharp at both ends of the ice. Bergeron and Kreji had great games.

I couldn’t care less about the context of that quote, but in case you do…check it out. A lot more pics here.

Legendary DUI

In: Youtube

4 Aug 2009

I have now officially suppressed all memories of Stephon Marbury playing for the Celtics.

Old Guy Dancing For Jesus – watch more funny videos

- Thanks to Kanye West’s Blog for the tip.

This is like if you were ordering a sub at subway and 20 people rushed in the store to sing “five dollar footlong.” Ellen fans are some crazy ass white people.


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