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Creepy Photobomb.

In: Random

14 Mar 2011

These award shows are really producing some gems. I think this may be the best award show meme since the Brendan Fraser clap.

Jack Did Not Go Over

In: WTF?

7 Jan 2011

Creepy House

In: Random

4 Jan 2011

Haha you gotta be kidding me. Making a creeptastic video isn’t going to get you out of the friendzone, pal. I don’t know all the details to this story, but I’m going to go ahead and assume this didn’t work.┬áThe kid looks like he’s never even touched a boob. And Tal Bachman for your song [...]

Always good to get some practice in before you break out the creep smile. That thing is like a tractor beam for hot chicks.

Baby Laughs A Lot

In: Commercials

29 Jun 2010

What if I ate too much food at dinner and didn’t leave myself room for any fuckin blueberries?

Good Morning Son

In: Random

26 Mar 2010


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