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Weather Report

In: WTF?

31 Mar 2011

The fuck did I just watch?

Bitch Is Crazy

In: WTF?

6 Dec 2010

Women Are Crazy

In: WTF?

14 Jul 2010

Only women can get this crazy about something as stupid as sports drinks stacked around the house. I literally think women enjoy getting themselves worked up over nothing. It’s almost as if they crave the high blood pressure. PMS is some scary shit, but we’ll put up with it as long as they stay in [...]

I’m on vacation for the rest of the week, so I’m gonna throw this video up today. Don’t worry I’ll try to schedule some posts tonight so you’ll have something to keep yourself entertained the rest of the week.

A Ridiculous Own Goal

In: Sports

7 Jul 2010

I’m no soccer nut, but that has to be the craziest own goal in the history of the world.

Mainly because the majority of our sports announcers feel pressured to at least give the impression of remaining unbiased, and I don’t see many of them ever getting fired up the way old Gepetto does here.

Spare me the “horrible person” comments. You laughed too, jerk.

Katie Holmes: But then I found out about your mask.
Tom Cruise: Tom Cruise is just a symbol, Rachel.
Katie Holmes: [Katie touches Tom's face] No, *this* is your mask.

Hello Boozers and welcome back to Great Male Reactions – the game where Christopher Walken impressions are not only permitted, they’re encouraged.  In honor of Awkward Day, we’re breakin’ out a bottle of awkward violence in public parks.  This video’s a bit long but there’s a whole lot of unintentional comedy flying around. They show the couple [...]


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