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Missed Connections: Drinks Alone m4w – watch more funny videos

So apparently people have been finding a ”Want Ad” written in random places all over the city of Boston requesting a very specific sexual experience. If there are any dominatrixes out there reading this, give the guy a call. I believe he goes by “Slave.” (Thanks to Robby for the tip) The first two were both [...]

To the girl throwing up from her cab – m4w You were discharging a Thanksgiving days feast worth of vittles and booze onto the pavement of Market while I cheered you on from the car behind yours. You played your part perfectly: encumbering the city with freshly minted aromas of regurgitated cranberry sauce and vodka. [...]

dump in your pants – w4m – 22 (MA) Date: 2010-03-19, 11:05AM EDT I noticed you noticing me, but then I also noticed it look as though you were walking along with a dump in your pants. I wondered to myself, who is this kind sir with a stentch of fecal matter permeating from his [...]

5’11” Tall drink of water with a unmeasurable amount of sexapeal, seeking a sexy valentine. THING I LIKE IN A LADY….. Has a sexy pair of eyes. Doesn’t mind if things get a little weird. Enjoys sweaty love making. Can handle 4 min riding this bucking bronco. THINGS ABOUT MYSELF…. Big things don’t always come [...]

- Thanks to Greg for the tip. I can’t confirm whether or not this is Conan’s doing, but I’d like to think he was behind this joke. For those of you that haven’t been watching the show this week, you are truly missing out. Conan is showing zero restraint in bashing NBC and Jay Leno. [...]


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