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Road Rage Fight

In: Youtube

13 Sep 2010

It’s real intimidating when a guy tries to talk shit and can’t form a sentence. “You got road rage like that man, huh? You got roal rage…”

…is the United States Police force… I mean I hate pigs as much as the next G, but they do serve a purpose. But clearly they have too much power, and abuse it regularly. The videocamera is the most effective tool against this abuse.

1 Cop vs. 25 Stoners

In: Random

20 May 2010

The camera man/narrator is more stoned than the tent-pitchers!

This Week in Idiots…

In: News

27 Jul 2009

OAKLAND, Calif. —  Oakland police say a man impersonating a police officer tried to pull over a real undercover officer and was arrested. Police say 21-year-old Antonio Fernandez Martinez of Oakland was arrested Wednesday in the Fruitvale district after trying to pull over an unmarked police vehicle. Martinez was driving a Ford Crown Victoria outfitted [...]


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