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CATHEDRAL CITY, CA – The three women lounging in a pool and sipping drinks were surprised to see a uniformed police officer suddenly appear on the patio. They later told investigators they were stunned as the Cathedral City officer unbuckled his gun belt, unbuttoned his shirt, dropped his pants and underwear and jumped into the [...]

Is that guy even a cop? He looks more like a security guard.

Survival Tip: Stop acting like a bitch or you’re gonna get slapped.

Spike TV: answering life’s toughest questions. Hooker and ‘tute stories welcome in the comments section.

BALTIMORE —  Authorities say a Baltimore city police officer pulled his gun on a chain-saw-wielding haunted house worker who was trying to get “one last scream” out of him. Baltimore County police say Sgt. Eric Janik was been charged with assault for pulling his service weapon on the worker, who was dressed up as the [...]


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