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Can you name the comedian from the quote provided? We got a pretty good response from our last quiz, so I’ve decided to churn out a new one. This one isn’t going to be a walk in the park like the last one, so put your thinking cap on. If Dane Cook is your favorite [...]

Jack Me Up, Man!!!

In: Youtube

20 Sep 2010

Daniel Songer. Comedian. Entertainer. Yeah…

For the folks that aren’t familiar with Bo, he is an up-and-coming comedian from Massachusetts. He is currently writing the script and the music for a Judd Apatow’s latest project. Support our fellow Masshole and check out his videos on Youtube.

I almost didn’t post this video because I get the feeling it’s gonna be very hit-or-miss with you boozers. If you were a fan of the show Human Giant, then you will enjoy this character. For the rest of you (that probably want to punch this comedian in the face), if you can make it to [...]


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