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A rare BW original right here.

Lindsay Lohan is sneaky.

In: News

30 Mar 2010

It must be great to be Lindsay Lohan. Every time she leaves a club at 5 am, it’s like she’s walking on sunshine. And by sunshine, I mean concealed dimebags of cocaine.

Porn Star Date

In: Funny or Die

19 Feb 2010

Porn Star Date – watch more funny videos

The Miami Herald – A New Jersey boy accidentally dished out cocaine to his friends at day care – after his dad stashed the drugs in the child’s coat pocket and told him it was candy, police said. Shaheed Wright, 25, of East Orange, was arrested and four children were rushed to the hospital Friday [...]

Here’s another good reason, among many to be sure, not to use cocaine: drug traffickers are adding a veterinary medicine to their product which damages cocaine users’ immune systems, leaving them vulnerable to a range of dangerous infections. The Associated Press is reporting that law enforcement officials say nearly a third of the cocaine sold [...]

National Geographic News - If you live in the United States or Canada, chances are you have cocaine in your wallet. Nearly nine out of ten bills circulating in the U.S. and its northern neighbor are tainted with cocaine, according to what’s being called the most definitive research to date on the subject. With 5.8 million people [...]

INDIAN RIVER COUNTY, Fla. — Indian River County deputies are trying to figure out who left $1 million worth of cocaine just lying around. On Saturday morning, eyewitnesses saw a suspicious looking burlap sack in Sebastian Inlet and called police. Inside the bag they found approximately 60-pounds of cocaine. Deputies have not been able to [...]

The Wood Spider

In: Youtube

29 Jul 2009

I’m the last person on Earth I thought would get a chuckle out of this video.  I hate spiders more than the thought of going down on Madonna.  If you share the same phobia, then just back up a couple feet from your computer screen.  And if you suddenly feel something brush against the back [...]


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