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These award shows are really producing some gems. I think this may be the best award show meme since the Brendan Fraser clap.

This trailer’s been all over the internet today, but it’s way too sick not to post.

Yahoo – It was announced last week that Warner Bros. Pictures had signed a new deal with IMAX to release 20 upcoming films over the next three years in the giant-sized format. That’s big news on its own, but that wasn’t the real bombshell: included on the lists of titles was “Batman 3,” with a [...]

I’d say there’s about a 75% chance that the producers are going to fuck this idea up completely. But then there’s that sneaky 25% chance where a smart writer and a good musician could turn this concept into Broadway gold.

Great Male Reactions is back for another go-around, keep your arms and legs outside the vehicle at all times.  This one’s a bit old, and some of you have probably seen it.  Consider it the Christian Bale prequel video starring David O. Russell.  For the record, I got Russell’s back here.  Lily Tomlin was indeed [...]

TMZ – Christian Bale – who famously dropped 63 lbs for his role in “The Machinist” and then quickly bulked up for “Batman Begins” - was spotted in Boston on Monday, once again working the heroin chic gaunt look to play drug addicted boxer Dicky Eklund in his latest film. I can’t wait to see Bale’s [...]

Everyone knows Christian Bale as the best Batman ever. However, did you know that prior to that he was also the greatest badass ever? I bet you didn’t. This is Christian Bale as John Preston in the movie Equilibrium. John Preston + 2 Pistols = Bitches getting wrecked. Would you fuck with that?


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