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We’ll send over an army of krispy kreme donut shops and blow up your country’s obesity rate.

Quick Asian Hands

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14 Sep 2010

Cheap, efficient labor at minimum wage. China knows how to do it. I should move Boozeworthy headquarters over there. With that kind of efficiency I could mail smirnoff ices and/or anthrax to all of our readers overnight. Don’t open your mailbox. This is your warning.

Why is it that Chinese chicks in this country seem so shy and innocent, but back home they fuck like rabbits? It baffles me to no end.

China – Police in central China have closed a factory producing fake and unsterile condoms and are tracking down over two million of the unsafe contraceptives already on the market, state press say. The condoms were made in a factory in Hunan province and are believed to have been sold nationwide under a variety of [...]

BEIJING—Police officers contemplating cheating on promotion exams met their match this week in northwestern China—18 serious-faced fifth-graders walking the beat. The students were decked in blue and white school uniforms, and photos on the local government Web site showed them standing behind podiums and sauntering up and down aisles of various classrooms to monitor 265 [...] – Cristiano Ronaldo kicked in a car window as he hit out at a teenage girl who was allegedly filming him outside his home in Lisbon. Sara Pardal, aged 17, was covered in shards of glass and received hospital treatment for her alleged injuries, reports in the Portuguese media claim.


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