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30 Nov 2010

Ahh, Final Exams

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13 May 2010

- via reddit

Lesan Gouge’s plan was to snap pictures of herself with a blow-up “Replacement Jeff” at various locations, and send them to her boyfriend Jeff who is deployed.

BEIJING—Police officers contemplating cheating on promotion exams met their match this week in northwestern China—18 serious-faced fifth-graders walking the beat. The students were decked in blue and white school uniforms, and photos on the local government Web site showed them standing behind podiums and sauntering up and down aisles of various classrooms to monitor 265 [...]

She Got Lonely

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12 Jun 2009

She Got Lonely – watch more funny videos

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Make sure to open a new credit card, delete your browsing history, clear your cookies, and throw away the condom.


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