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Eeeeaaasy Stripes…

In: Sports

11 May 2011

At least act like you’re impartial, right?

No Words

In: Sports

22 Sep 2010

Oh no.

In: Sports

3 Aug 2010

Free-agent center Shaquille O’Neal will likely sign with the Boston Celtics, as soon as Tuesday night or Wednesday, sources told ESPN The Magazine’s Chris Broussard.

Rondo Got Rondo’d

In: Sports

8 Jul 2010

I’ve been eating lunch underneath this framed photo of Rondo for awhile now, and I’ve always found it kind of strange how it depicts Rondo in the act of shooting, when there are so many other things he does better on the court.  Well, when the Celtics’ season ended in complete disappointment a couple weeks [...]

Closing Time

In: Sports

17 Jun 2010

Just do what you do best. – Red Auerbach

In all seriousness though, I’ll try to step it up with my sports coverage. My apologies.


In: Sports

11 May 2010

I love you Uno Uno, but now’s not the time for choreography.

So ESPN is promoting their new fancy playoff simulator tool on their front page, so I figured I’d appease them and give it a try. No joke, this was the outcome on my very first go-round. Based on the 17% upset over the Cavs in the conference semis I’m not so sure ESPN didn’t hone [...]


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