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In: Commercials

4 Jun 2011

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Survival Tip: Watch out for pot holes.

Sweet Ride

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3 Sep 2010


Venison on the Grille

In: WTF?

27 Jul 2010

October 14, 2009 - Mazda’s latest four-wheel-drive likes a wee drink. The Mazda CX-7 uses a special man-made liquid similar to human urine to reduce emissions of oxides of nitrogen (NOx). The compound, called AdBlue, is a mixture of roughly one-third pure urea and two-thirds demineralised water. It is already widely used in the trucking industry [...]

Brunswick County | A 19-year-old man was charged with obstruction of justice last week after authorities say he drove an acquaintance around after his passenger was deceased, officials said. The incident occurred Wednesday when Eric Len Henry Jr. did not immediately notify authorities of the death of John Ferguson, 23, of Leland, according to Beth [...]

Survival Tip: Don’t try to dive out of a car unless you’re on the passenger side of the car.


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