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20 Jun 2011

Update: The Bruins bar tab at Foxwoods in infographic form at sixteenwins. Jagerbombs. Jagerbombs.


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4 Jun 2011

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What a cialis for women dickhead. Bourque shoulda kept #7. Go B’s.

Clean as a Whistle

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25 Mar 2011

First off, I had a lot of fun watching that game last night. So many great goals, so many great saves, an awesome open-ice hit by Marchand…Thought I was going to have a fucking awesome morning as a result. Instead, I turn on the radio to hear DA and Wallach say that Marchand’s hit was [...]

Remember This?

In: Sports

9 Mar 2011

I’m not saying Pacioretty deserved to be embedded in plexiglass at a 90 degree angle, but you reap what you sow

Classic Wideman

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29 Oct 2010

Oh man, you gotta feel bad for Florida Panthers fans. That’s gotta be the most one-sided trade ever made in the history of the NHL. The Bruins had to deal with his shitty defense night in and night out the past couple years and still managed to be near the top of the league in goals [...]


In: Sports

9 Oct 2010

Hockey season is back folks and I feel greeeaaaaat! Talk about a hell of a highlight for your first NHL goal. Looks like Eberle and Hall are gonna get the Oilers back on track this season. Tomorrow we’ll see what Seguin and Caron can do. Expect a Bruins preview post in the near future. Bruins season [...]

P.S. – If the video seems glitchy, then you have a shitty computer/internet connection and you should switch it from 720p to 480p or 360p in the bottom right.


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