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Eeeeaaasy Stripes…

In: Sports

11 May 2011

At least act like you’re impartial, right?

Boston Movie

In: Funny or Die

17 Mar 2011

Thanks to Chris for the tip. Boston Movie Trailer – watch more funny videos

Remember This?

In: Sports

9 Mar 2011

I’m not saying Pacioretty deserved to be embedded in plexiglass at a 90 degree angle, but you reap what you sow

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Ask a Pink Hat

In: Sports

13 Aug 2010

Toucher & Rich is a pretty solid go-to morning show for Boston area commuters, and “Ask a Pink Hat” is one of their most entertaining segments.

Those shitheads got what was coming to them. Who climbs on the hood of random people’s cars trying to start trouble? I’ve noticed a lot of bros in Boston these days have been flexing their beer muscles. I feel like every time I go out I have to deal with some douche trying to stir up the [...]

Oh no.

In: Sports

3 Aug 2010

Free-agent center Shaquille O’Neal will likely sign with the Boston Celtics, as soon as Tuesday night or Wednesday, sources told ESPN The Magazine’s Chris Broussard.

So apparently people have been finding a ”Want Ad” written in random places all over the city of Boston requesting a very specific sexual experience. If there are any dominatrixes out there reading this, give the guy a call. I believe he goes by “Slave.” (Thanks to Robby for the tip) The first two were both [...]

How is this the first fight move you think of? Unless you’re a rapist, an MMA fighter, or Darth Vader, I don’t understand how the choke hold becomes a respectable option.

I love you Uno Uno, but now’s not the time for choreography.


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