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The jury’s still out on whether Franco’s a cool guy or a huge douche. Trying to reconcile his gay art show with this video is like trying to explain why there are five different versions of string theory.

ZWINGLE, Iowa – Ask this Iowa wife if she got the perfect birthday present and she’ll tell you her hubby “dung good.” Carole and Dick Kleis live together on their eastern Iowa farm. This year for her birthday, Dick used more than 120,000 pounds of manure to spell out a special message. It basically says [...]

I’ma be pullin’ these dance moves out tonight on the dance floor THE BOOZE’S BDAY CELEBRATION Hurricane O’Reilly’s 150 Canal Street, Boston, Ma TONIGHT, JUNE 12, 2009 Be there bitches.

It's my Birthday!

In: Random

10 Jun 2009

Please, nobody do this for me today… Notice how his dad never complains. It’s almost as if he’s enjoying it.


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