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Rondo Got Rondo’d

In: Sports

8 Jul 2010

I’ve been eating lunch underneath this framed photo of Rondo for awhile now, and I’ve always found it kind of strange how it depicts Rondo in the act of shooting, when there are so many other things he does better on the court.  Well, when the Celtics’ season ended in complete disappointment a couple weeks [...]

I don’t know about you, but I had Nova going final four this year…you know what happened.  They probably should have gone down in the 1st round, they were that bad. Since Villanova was unceremoniously bounced from the NCAA tournament on March 21 by St. Mary’s, many emails have been fired off by frustrated alumni [...]

Just once, I’d like one of these girl basketball clips to not reinforce the stereotype. Just once.

Survival Tip: Stay away from the man inside the raptor suit. He has found a way to rape women in public.

They called me Mr. Glass.

The Bloomington Bros. are official Wingmen now, so head over to their site if you haven’t checked it out yet.

Some of you have probably noticed Charlie Murphy’s ugly mug at the top of this web page. As it turns out, Charlie Murphy, the former Chappelle Show star, is now the star of Nike’s viral marketing campaign. Murphy plays Leroy Smith, former high school teammate of Michael Jordan, who is noted for motivating Jordan’s rise [...]

He likes rapping, dancing, acting – whatever. I call bullshit. He’s managed to come across as more of a chief in the past month than he has in recent years.


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