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This is Awesome.

In: WTF?

28 Apr 2011

Wow, balls of steel right there. Honestly, the video would have been even more awesome had he been rocked by the moose, but any victory for man over beast deserves my respect.

Balls of Steel

In: WTF?

30 Aug 2010

This guy had obviously just watched Jurassic Park and figured the lion, much like the T-Rex, would not attack a motionless object.┬áHis inner monologue there was probably “Holy shit. Don’t be Jeff Goldblum. Don’t be Jeff Goldblum. Don’t be Jeff Goldblum…”

The following clips come from a British comedy show called Balls of Steel. You are about to find out that this Neg guy is a total dickhead. As much as it kills me to give guys like him credit, this is some funny shit… 5. Make Them Move 4. Urban Skittles 3. Big Stranger Rodeo [...]


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