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Jeffy Knows

In: Comics

22 Mar 2011

Pope Grabs A Souvenir

In: Random

20 Sep 2010

Baby Hula Hoop

In: Youtube

30 Aug 2010

This kid sucks. What a moron. He obviously didn’t cook long enough in the oven.

Cobra Vs. Baby

In: WTF?

27 Jul 2010

This is apparently how they handle abortion in India. They must also be big fans of dead baby jokes. – A Northampton man is facing a child endangerment charge after allegedly attempting to exchange his baby for two 40-ounce beers at a Chicopee truck stop Monday afternoon, Chicopee Police said this morning. Police responded about 1 p.m. to the incident at the Pride gas station and convenience store on Burnett Road. Matthew Brace, [...]

Chris Farley

In: Random

24 Mar 2010

BOSTON (AP) – A Boston woman has succeeded at one of the all-time great Thanksgiving Day juggling acts: She cooked the turkey while helping deliver her baby granddaughter. Patricia McCalop was in the middle of preparing the meal when her daughter suddenly went into labor two weeks early. McCalop called 911, and a dispatcher talked [...]


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