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Since when do tumors evolve into alien squids when left untouched for a few years?

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24 Mar 2010

HARRODSBURG, Ky. – A 32-year-old Kentucky woman who said she didn’t know that she was pregnant delivered her newborn son on the floor of her laundry room by herself and even cut the umbilical cord. Kelly Bottom told The Advocate-Messenger that she also picked up her other son from school and stopped in at the baby’s grandmother’s house to show her the [...]

While Comic-Con San Diego might not attract your standard boozehound as easily as a steak on the grill and a cooler full of ‘Gansetts*, it’s still a place I wouldn’t mind checking out someday.  The only expos I’ve attended were the 1998 Ski Expo and the 2008 Hunting and Fishing Expo, and both were surprisingly [...]

Russia – Village residents from the Rostov region of Russia caught a weird creature two weeks ago after a strong storm in the Sea of Azov. The shark-looking creature was producing strange squeaky sounds. The fishermen originally believed that they had caught an alien and decided to film the monster with the help of a [...]


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