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She said we should stop drinking Cap’ns and start drinking Sailor Jerry because it tastes better, it’s cheaper, it’s 92 proof instead of 70 proof, and it has some great backstory.

-A good toast

The Old-Fashioned does retain its usefulness in an open bar situation. Cancelling a few of these guys brings the BAC level up in a hurry.

The Beer Flow Chart

In: Random

30 Dec 2009

If you have to think this much when picking out a beer, then just grab a bottle of whiskey instead and call it a night. Nonetheless, to whoever made this flow chart, we commend your effort.

Before Capn Morgan gets his greasy paws on the disposable flask, I’m going to brew some home-grown Massachusetts rum and start filling up 12 packs. “Capri-Rums” by Boozeworthy.

It sounds like drinking this ROOT stuff straight up tastes much better, but I bet adding some coke, root beer, or cream soda would work as well. Someone give it a try and let me know the results.

1/3 Crown Royale
1/3 Sour Apple Pucker Schnapps
1/3 Cranberry Juice
Splash of 7-up/Sprite (optional)

Cool imagery and delicious beer.

Of course, we here at Boozeworthy strongly recommend you only fill these cups with alcohol. That way everything will seem a bit more humorous and a little less racist.


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