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In: Funny Yahoo Answers

1 Sep 2010

I like this, kind of like the Meth ad I posted a few days back. Future PP ads: “You think a vasectomy hurts? Try having a kid. You’ll know the true definition of hurt when they lock you in an underfunded nursing home.” “You think handjobs hurt? Especially after you’ve been at the beach all [...]

Fox News – First it was the Real World, then came the Jersey Shore.  Now, a new pseudoreality show is hoping to make an impression – only this time the cameras are following three actresses pretending to have unwanted pregnancies, and whether or not they decide to get an abortion is up to the viewers. [...]

south Texas couple put an aborted 7-month-old fetus in a gift box under a Christmas tree after they were unable to flush the remains down a toilet.

BEIJING – Forestry officials in far western China have resorted to scattering abortion pills near gerbil burrows in a bid to halt a rodent plague threatening the desert region’s fragile ecosystem, state media said Wednesday. The pellets, which resemble bran feed, have “little effect on other animals,” but can prevent pregnancy in gerbils and also [...]


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