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2010 Movie Mashup

In: Movies

14 Dec 2010

It’s been a decent year for movies, I wouldn’t call it great, but there is still some time left to make¬†a splash. A lot will ride on the success of True Grit, The Fighter, and Tron.¬†Inception and The Social Network were obviously the big winners among critics. Other movies may not have been critically acclaimed, [...]

2010 Emmy Intro

In: Random

30 Aug 2010

All in all, good stuff. At the very least, it gave us something to laugh at while we wait for all the fall shows to start up again.

I know Erin Andrews wanted a taste of that mango salsa tonight.

Happy Awkward Day!

In: Random

2 Jul 2010

A year ago today I created a holiday. I’m not sure what gave me the idea I had such power, but here we are a year later and it’s back again. It had barely struck midnight last night when I realized the day had returned. I had jumped on stage at karaoke with a group [...]

Buy some batteries…

In: Sports

11 Jun 2010

Soccer may be boring as hell but the goals sure are pretty. Almost as good as hockey highlights. Anyway, I thought the ad up above was pretty clever. Fuck England.

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