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In: Youtube

19 Apr 2011

Pssshhh, those girls behind him are in denial. They definitely dig his moves. That one in the middle looks a lot like this chick I used to date. It was a long time ago though, so it was legal, oh God I should stop talking.

Call me Aragorn, I dig elves.

Great Video

In: Youtube

6 Apr 2011

I don’t make a habit of posting videos that aren’t funny, but this one was too good not to post. Although I did laugh when he said having one wife would be a problem.

Dad Is Not Amused

In: Youtube

5 Apr 2011

eBay and Jamba Juice. Impressive resume.

Cracks me up every time.

Fonzie was the man

In: Youtube

23 Mar 2011

But then he then became Barry Zuckerkorn…

Color Me Impressed

In: Youtube

17 Mar 2011


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