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Charlie Sheen Mask

In: Youtube

28 Jun 2011

You can’t feel bad for Tron guy here, you just can’t. Got what he deserved for showing up at a talent competition WITH NO┬áDISCERNIBLE┬áTALENT. Newsflash dude – simply “being an internet celebrity” isn’t a talent just like “being a Kardashian” isn’t a talent. But at least Kim could’ve stripped on stage. Tron guy should have [...]

Spent last night watching a bunch of new Brian Regan material.

Japanese Magic Comedy

In: Youtube

17 May 2011

viagra super active

What a cialis for women dickhead. Bourque shoulda kept #7. Go B’s.

Who's more fired up?

In: Youtube

3 May 2011

Last Osama post we swear.

Watch it quick before it gets taken down. I don’t know why the Downfall producers haven’t just embraced this gag already.

Little Chefs

In: Youtube

26 Apr 2011

Finger Ring Friends

In: Youtube

26 Apr 2011


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