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Face Stretches

In: WTF?

14 Feb 2011

Oh man, the close-ups were just comedy gold. So creepy. It bothers me when I think about how much money that woman is going to make off of this. What a stupid concept. Instead of wasting your time sitting on your ass making funny faces, hit the gym and tighten up that deteriorating cougar body. [...]

Good Parenting

In: WTF?

24 Jan 2011

When you see it…

In: WTF?

18 Jan 2011

Jack Did Not Go Over

In: WTF?

7 Jan 2011

She Doesn’t Know

In: WTF?

20 Dec 2010

Bitch Is Crazy

In: WTF?

6 Dec 2010


In: WTF?

22 Nov 2010

That was fucking hilarious. In other news, I have today off from work, so ironically that means I won’t be as focused on giving you content. I’ll try my best, but this damn invention called the television is just the coolest.


In: WTF?

8 Nov 2010

That was hilarious. There was so much kicking going on. Makes sense I guess. Russians are famous for cossack dancing. Video courtesy of Reddit.


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