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Motorcycle Texting

In: WTF?

29 Apr 2011

This is Awesome.

In: WTF?

28 Apr 2011

Wow, balls of steel right there. Honestly, the video would have been even more awesome had he been rocked by the moose, but any victory for man over beast deserves my respect.

Survival Tip of the Day

In: WTF?

5 Apr 2011

Survival Tip: If you have a camera out, you are obviously aware of the impending danger. That video was cool and all, but YouTube views are not worth getting a wooden beam through your chest. Unless YouTube stars get laid. Anyone know if they get laid? Star Wars kid was pre-YouTube days so he prob missed out.

Maria the Goose

In: WTF?

4 Apr 2011

That dog bitched out. It’s just a goose, dog. You’re gonna let it talk shit to you?

How to Piss in Public

In: WTF?

1 Apr 2011

Thanks to Mike for the tip.

Weather Report

In: WTF?

31 Mar 2011

The fuck did I just watch?

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In: WTF?

7 Mar 2011

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