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Survival Tip: Be alert if your friend has a dryer sense of humor than most. ba dump ching.

Survival Tip: Quit monkeying around.

Survival Tip: Driving a Rascal Scooter makes you mentally handicapped as well.

Survival Tip: Never ever try to remake this video. Watch the whole way through. It gets more and more dangerous.

Survival Tip: Your friend isn’t Dave Mirra. Look on the bright side though. Bike jumps get 0 hits on Youtube. Bike accidents get thousands.

Survival Tip: Don’t be a melonhead.

Survival Tip: That’s not how to impress the ladies at the beach.

Survival Tip: Don’t ignore your Toyota recall.

Survival Tip: Don’t carpool with that guy. I guarantee you they were listening to this song while driving. I once drove my vehicle into a snow bank when that song was playing. Luckily the car that stopped to help me was filled with 300 pound college football players, so I got back on the road in a jiffy. The [...]

Survival Tip: Don’t be a deer.


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