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Jersey Floor

In: Random

7 Mar 2011

My wife glad to see me in action again I’m gonna buy new bed this week, haha. ? We would strongly recommend you to consult your doctor before taking a medication.

What’s that? You want to invite your friend over to play fake music in the middle of the fucking lawn on a Sunday?

Good Flick

In: Random

23 Feb 2011

Spacious Apartment

In: Random

22 Feb 2011

Long Stabby Thing

In: Random

17 Feb 2011

Not Much Has Changed

In: Random

16 Feb 2011

Poor Wording

In: Random

15 Feb 2011

(via cracked)

Computers are Racist

In: Random

9 Feb 2011

Looks like Conan’s finally hopped on the Nic Cage bandwagon and that is fantastic news.


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