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Between the death of Bin Laden and this hilarious speech below, this guy has won me over in a single day. I loved the Hulk Hogan entrance.

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS 5) — A man was hospitalized Wednesday evening with life-threatening, third-degree burns after catching fire inside a San Francisco porn store, authorities told CBS 5. The fire occurred at an adult arcade at Sixth and Mission streets just after 6 p.m. Police officers across the street from the porn shop saw a [...]

Since when do tumors evolve into alien squids when left untouched for a few years?

I pray to God that Israel is equipping various crazy fucked up species from the animal kingdom with GPS devices and cameras and shit.

Limelife – Paula Abdul is telling CBS News’ Julie Chen that she’s never been drunk. Abdul claims, “I’ve never had a drinking problem… Even though I’ve been in this business for quite some time. I’ve never physically been drunk in my life. I’ve never been drunk in my life. I don’t use recreational drugs. But, [...]

NASA is holding a press conference on Thursday “to discuss an astrobiology finding.”

BOSTON — MBTA officials said a person has died after being struck by a subway trolley in the Kendall Square station. The person whose name was not immediately made public was struck by an inbound train at about 11:20 a.m. on Monday. MBTA spokesman Joe Pesaturo said passengers were being bused between the Harvard Square [...]

CATHEDRAL CITY, CA – The three women lounging in a pool and sipping drinks were surprised to see a uniformed police officer suddenly appear on the patio. They later told investigators they were stunned as the Cathedral City officer unbuckled his gun belt, unbuttoned his shirt, dropped his pants and underwear and jumped into the [...]

Seriously, Ahmadinejad? You’re a totalitarian dictator with a whole country’s bank vault at your disposal, and THIS is the best you could come up with?!

Gawker – Two teenagers were sentenced to jail after duct-taping a 22-month-old child to the wall. The pictures—here with the child’s face obscured—show him stuck to the wall at uncomfortable angles and with tape directly on his bare skin. The mother, Jayla Hamm, 18, was sentence to 10 days in jail and two years’ probation, [...]


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