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Color me impressed. She just shit all over John Williams.

Has anyone seen the commercials for Ice Cube’s new TV show? Since when did he become Tyler Perry? When did TBS become BET? That shit looks terrible. I’m embarassed for him really. What happened to this guy? Back in the day Ice Cube was reppin’ NWA, chillin with Snoop and Dre, bumpin’ Today Was a Good [...]

FYI: thinly veiled political pot-stirring regarding the ethnic cleansing going on in parts of Africa.  Go to Vimeo if youtube bans this video, there is one very brief nude scene in the beginning.

The Four-Chord Song

In: Music

27 Apr 2010

This happened.

In: Music

26 Apr 2010

This is probably the first and last time we’ll ever post a George Lopez clip on Boozeworthy. This clip was worth it though.

TGIF Medley

In: Music

23 Apr 2010

Back in the day, before alcohol and women dominated my Friday nights, TGIF was the shit. Remember Cody, Jean-Luc, and Flash?

I went into it expecting to hear rubbish, I came out of it thinking I should go set my DVR to record The Office tonight. Decent song though, decent song.

Police in New York have arrested a woman claiming to be the wife of unmarried hip hop star P Diddy. Cemelia Green was released today on $5000 bail after trespassing onto a property she mistakenly believed to be the rapper’s home. It’s the second time Ms Green has been seen at the house, though she [...]


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