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These award shows are really producing some gems. I think this may be the best award show meme since the Brendan Fraser clap.

Batman News

In: Movies

12 Jan 2011

Not much out there but we haven’t done an update in awhile.

And in case you missed the first 100…

Probably won’t be buying the game but I can appreciate a good impression

Not In Kansas Anymore

In: Movies

17 Dec 2010

Damn, we’ve posted way too many of these movie compliations with the same line. I hope screenwriters are seeing these videos and realize that the world is onto their tricks. I have to say this was the most annoying one yet. What ever happened to originality? The Shia Labeouf “No no no” video and the [...]

Yogi’s obviously never seen Blow, The Godfather Part 2, or any other mob movie ever made

2010 Movie Mashup

In: Movies

14 Dec 2010

It’s been a decent year for movies, I wouldn’t call it great, but there is still some time left to make a splash. A lot will ride on the success of True Grit, The Fighter, and Tron. Inception and The Social Network were obviously the big winners among critics. Other movies may not have been critically acclaimed, [...]

This trailer’s been all over the internet today, but it’s way too sick not to post.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is now officially my favorite Youtube video. That was truly montageous.

YAHOO – Mel Gibson is out – but former President Bill Clinton is reportedly in the cast of “The Hangover 2″ According to People and TMZ (which first reported the news), Clinton shot a cameo for the comedy on Saturday in Bangkok, Thailand, where the sequel is currently filming. People reported that the former President will play himself [...]


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