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Friend rentals? You gotta be shitting me. Are people really so lame that they need to pay for friendship? You could be a 7 foot, acne faced, unibrowed, thumbsucking ginger with a really high voice and a sword collection and STILL have friends. It’s really unfathomable to me that someone would resort to paying for [...]

I can’t believe this shit exists. Unreal. They don’t have their online store set up yet, but you gotta figure they’ll need some slogans for when they do. I took the liberty of creating some for them. You’re welcome, Pantalaine. “The Hug Jacket: perfect for the nerd in his late 20s who wants to publicly [...]

This was an ad on the side of our site… It was creepy, so I clicked on it. I saw videos like this Even listening without sound, I knew it was some wack shit x 10^5. Clicking on “Funny Pictures” I saw some things that were callous in how old and unfunny they were. I [...] Seriously, who comes up with this shit? It seems every obscure fetish on the planet has its own website now. Why buy that domain name if you aren’t gonna use it to its full potential? Lazertits should at the very least be a superhero comic, if not a superhero movie. Lazertits vs. Fembots, now [...]

Unbelievable. Whatever happened to collecting dog shit in a bag and setting it on fire on someone’s doorstep? This country is just getting lazier and lazier. That said, I will continue to check back with this website to see their “special shit of the month.” Once “Fat Construction Worker” is on the menu, Vodka Tonic can [...]

So as many of you know I often do a column called “this week in tranny news” about some bizarre story involving tranny hijinks. I did a search for “tranny news” on google and this came up. The Tranny Tribune. Anyways I learned a lot about trannies tonight, maybe too much. And I am going [...]

??????????? So I was on facebook just now and an ad for this site pops up.  Studying and beers together finally?  But no, this isnt a new drinking game where you learn and have fun.  This is some lame site that asks you to unethically donate your research papers for small money.  Pretty sketch.

Some guy named Erial Ali has been charging $150-$250 a pop for these “magical” photoshop transformations.

Amish Online Dating

Hilarious website for a restaurant offering BBQ & Foot Massage.


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