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This guy can’t possibly be real can he? I mean, there is a little bit of chauvinism in all us men, but I didn’t think anyone could speak so unapologetically about it. For as much of a dick as he acted on that show, I don’t doubt that he still gets laid. Women love guys [...]

I can’t believe this shit exists. Unreal. They don’t have their online store set up yet, but you gotta figure they’ll need some slogans for when they do. I took the liberty of creating some for them. You’re welcome, Pantalaine. “The Hug Jacket: perfect for the nerd in his late 20s who wants to publicly [...]

Makeup, heels, padded bras, and now booty pop? I have enough trouble identifying hot chicks through my beer goggles, but their disguises are getting more and more elaborate. All this false advertising is annoying, ladies. Knock it off. P.S. – I’m surprised they didn’t get that actor from the Microtouch commercial to act shocked at [...]

The Northwest Andrology And Cryobank doesn’t fuck around. That photo is no accident. Somewhere out there is a photographer that is extremely proud of his work. (via reddit)

Not much I can say here without being offensive. Let’s just say I’m surprised he was making a pizza. I thought he’d have more experience smoking sausage. – Nice find by Aziz Ansari.

— A Windsor, Ont., man suffering from a rare metabolic disorder that causes brain damage was spared a jail sentence for stalking a 14-year-old girl. Laith Sharma, 49, was charged with criminal harassment after he became infatuated with the girl he had never met. The court heard he has developmental issues related to a genetic [...]

Major Lazer I fucking love you. Directed by Eric Wareheim (you know, Tim & Eric, that Eric). Prob NSFW

Scientists claim that breastfeeding can mean higher IQs? Shoot sign me up! “Better than anything in the world…better than a mango even” “They don’t like it when I put a bra on, they feel like I’m trapping the breast” Creepy dad in the end!

How is this on youtube>@??!!? Pretty much every line is a classic here.


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