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The Brazen Bull, sometimes known as the Sicilian Bull is one of the cruelest methods of torture and execution out there. The victim was placed inside of the brass bull and a fire was set underneath.

FORT COLLINS, Colo. — A 6-year-old boy climbed into a homemade balloon aircraft in Colorado and floated away Thursday, forcing officials to scramble to figure out how to rescue the boy as the balloon hurtled through the air.

Execution by Elephant Execution by elephant was, for thousands of years, a common method of capital punishment in South and Southeast Asia, and particularly in India. Asian Elephants were used to crush, dismember, or torture captives in public executions. The trained animals were versatile, able to kill victims immediately or to torture them slowly for a prolonged period. Employed by [...]

Pictured Above: Not Humphrey de Bohun Death by Pike in the Ass 1322: Humphrey de Bohun, the 4th Earl of Hereford, led the fight on the bridge, but he and his men were caught in the arrow fire. Then one of de Harclay’s pikemen, concealed beneath the bridge, thrust upwards between the planks and skewered [...]

Pictured Above: Not Pvt. Martin S. Eskew Death by Manure Suffocation Dec. 3, 1990: Private Martin S. Eskew, A parachutist with the U.S. Army Reserve, was killed in Maryland when a routine jump went bad and the soldier landed in a pool of liquified manure just outside the drop zone. 13 reservists formed a human [...]

Pictured Above: Not Hypatia of Alexandria Death by Sea Shells 415: Hypatia of Alexandria, Greek mathematician and philosopher, was murdered by a mob by having her skin ripped off with sharp sea-shells; what remained of her was burned. (Various types of shells have been named: clams, oysters, abalones, etc. Other sources claim tiles or pottery-shards were [...]

Pictured Above: Not Sigurd the Mighty Death by Excessive Celebration 892: Sigurd the Mighty of Orkney strapped the head of a defeated foe to his leg, the tooth of which grazed against him as he rode his horse, causing the infection which killed him. Poor Sigurd…some call him the Chad Ocho Cinco of his day. [...]

Pictured Above: Not Edward II of England Death By Penetration 1327: Edward II of England, after being deposed and imprisoned by his Queen consort Isabella and her lover Roger Mortimer, was rumored to have been murdered by having a red-hot iron inserted into his anus.


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