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Here’s hoping Arnold returns to the big screen now that he’s no longer the Governator. We definitely need another Last Action Hero.

You might not believe this, but the baboon is the best actor in this movie.

Wow after seeing shitty acting, a great ass, a razor-edged frisbee, and a bloody death there was just one thing that could end the video properly…and that fist pump sealed the deal.

So this must be what happens to planes in the Bermuda Triangle.

This was not a fair fight. There are types of people that you just don’t hit. I’m pretty sure women and amputees are at the top of that list. How were these guys supposed to know they had Chuck Norris moves up their sleeves?

We’ll be seeing those tractor stunts at the Xgames in a few years.

Share the clip vandammit, whether it’s being made fun of or not. There’s no such thing as bad publicity, especially when it comes to Van Damme movies.

I wish these guys would jump off that roof.

A 6 foot-tall character played by Matthew McConaughey comes from a midget family. His midget brother is played by Gary Oldman. Kate Beckinsale is marrying into the family. They go to midget parties. How is this not a comedy? – Thanks to Brian for the tip.

Baywatch quality acting right there. Who knew you could just shake off a bullet to the chest? Also, who wastes a rocket on a blow-up doll?


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