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Been quite some time since we’ve posted one of these. We’ll let Brad Paisley take care of the commentary – because it’s almost summer and because this tune was tailor-made for it.

I figured this Tom Cruise video would hit the spot. I can’t wait for his next movie to come out so we can see his next trainwreck of a promotional circuit.

This one’s been around awhile, but it always gets a laugh.  Former NFL tight end Brian Kinchen links tender hands and ball caressing to gays…wait, where did he go wrong again?

This one’s been kicking around the internet for awhile, but it always delivers: l Great stuff from Billy right there.  I understand where he’s coming from though.  I also tend to check my watch and sniff uncomfortably when I realize I’m fucking up a blog post.  Below is a catchy little remix that will keep [...]

This video’s got to be one of the greatest male reactions I’ve posted so far.  Simple set up: this kid goes to Europe for two weeks with a buddy after school ends.  He tells his girlfriend about the trip before he leaves, but for some reason she completely blanks out and has no clue why he [...]

Great Male Reactions is back for another go-around, keep your arms and legs outside the vehicle at all times.  This one’s a bit old, and some of you have probably seen it.  Consider it the Christian Bale prequel video starring David O. Russell.  For the record, I got Russell’s back here.  Lily Tomlin was indeed [...]

And we’re back with another Great Male Reaction, brought to you by the Salute Your Shorts DVD box set.  We’re dubbing this one the “I swear to drunk I’m not God.”  The calm build-up to the final climax is awesome.  You quickly realize that A.) This kid is clearly struggling after a long night out, [...]

Hello Boozers and welcome back to another episode of Great Male Reactions – the game that takes a day to learn but a lifetime to master.  We’re going czech on your ass today with one hell of a foreign commercial.  American marketing could learn a lot from Eastern European inappropriate violence.  What’s your favorite part? [...]

Welcome back to another edition of Great Male Reactions, now broadcasting in HD.  This video features a few classics you may have heard of, but seeing all the clips back to back makes for some damn good entertainment.  I know this video has a few great female reactions in it, but Kelly Tilghman sounds like a man [...]

Hello Boozers and welcome back to Great Male Reactions – the game where Christopher Walken impressions are not only permitted, they’re encouraged.  In honor of Awkward Day, we’re breakin’ out a bottle of awkward violence in public parks.  This video’s a bit long but there’s a whole lot of unintentional comedy flying around. They show the couple [...]


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