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Spinach Fail

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9 Feb 2011

I can’t say I’ve ever had spinach in my lifetime, but come on kid you’re embarassing yourself. You know the camera’s rolling, it’s time to perform under pressure. Just shovel it down your throat like a boss and flick off the camera.

Can’t wait for this show to come back. Community’s good and Outsourced is surprisingly decent, but Parks and Rec tops them both in my opinion.

You gotta appreciate it when somebody famous knows how to make fun of himself. Sure, it’s probably a ploy at making himself relevant again, but who can blame him? Time and time again we see actors resurrect their careers by moving from drama to comedy. For example: Neil Patrick Harris, John C. Reilly, Nick Cannon…

Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy with Will Ferrell & John C. Reilly from Will Ferrell

Go ahead and laugh, but winter is just beginning. Karma can be a real bitch.

Nothing like a nice long fail montage to make me feel better about myself.

It’s Monday morning after a long weekend of raging. I’ve already had some of my coworkers tell me the same thing.

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In: Funny or Die

15 Nov 2010

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In: Funny or Die

12 Nov 2010

The Worst Midday Newscast Ever – watch more funny videos


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