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“Did you know that as a child my mother refused to breastfeed me?  Her logic was that she didn’t let any man see her breasts without at least a little foreplay.”

When I was young I asked my father for a puppy for my birthday present. Instead, he decided to throw me a Mexican-themed party. It was a lot of fun, and towards the end Dad brought out a pinata. We took the bat to it for what seemed like hours, just bashing and bashing away–the [...]

3) One thing I will never understand about my neighbor Chuck is why he refuses to shave one side of his face. He tries to tell me that its not hair, but a large birthmark, but all I can do is shake my head.

2) I would so get a sex change, but all that paperwork is very deterring.

Introducing Creep thoughts. Remember Deep Thoughts by Jack Handy? Consider this the continuation of that legendary series. 1) Imagine if you brought a just-born baby into one of those house of mirrors? The baby would be all like, get me back in the womb already, at least there were fewer mirrors.


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