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Ball Buster

In: Commercials

27 Aug 2010

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  This was Dodge’s response…

Sweet hair, bro. Remember playing with nerf guns when you were a kid? They seemed awesome in the commercial, but chasing down your ammo and reloading all the time was a pain in the ass. The best strategy was to break out a supersoaker while your friends were collecting their styrofoam ammo. If you had this kind [...]

Baby Laughs A Lot

In: Commercials

29 Jun 2010

Hair Cubed

In: Commercials

28 Jun 2010

- Thanks to Billy for the tip.

Something that most marketing teams have yet to figure out is that people love nostalgia. Companies have been spending tons of money on commercials lately and are ending up with crap (I’m looking at you McDonald’s and I’m definitely not lovin’ it). Why not bring back some of the best commercials from the past? It wouldn’t [...]

I’m not going to sit here and pretend that I’m a soccer fan, but Nike’s marketing team has won me over with these ads. Impressive stuff.

…clap your hair.


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