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STACY DASH is just as gorgeous at 44 as she was when she first broke on the scene. You may remember her from 90′s┬ámovies such as Mo’ Money and Clueless. In 2004 you saw her in Kanye’s All Falls Down video and in 2006 she stripped down for Playboy. Most recently, she appeared in this [...]

Even at 41 years-old, ASHLEY JUDD is still a show-stopper. The daughter of country singer Naomi Judd, she is best known for her roles in Double Jeopardy and De-Lovely. Ashley is a huge Kentucky basketball fan and is often seen sporting Kentucky blue in the crowd. There is a definite resemblance between Judd and Diane [...]

JULIE BENZ is a 37 year-old actress from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She will always be known as Rita on Dexter.

JULIE BOWEN is a 39 year-old actress from Baltimore, Maryland. You may know her best for her role as Virginia Venet in Happy Gilmore. Though appearing in other films, she has spent most of her career on the small screen. Julie has starred in NBC’s Ed and ABC’s Boston Legal. LOST fans know her as [...]

Monica Bellucci is 45 years old and still absolutely stunning. Her body is perfect, she has a sexy accent, and she’s not afraid to get completely naked in movies.

In The Outsiders a young Diane Lane graces the screen. She was beautiful then and isn’t any worse for the wear these days. Diane Lane remains a total babe.


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