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Pathological Liar

In: Commercials

29 Apr 2011

Should be some serious eye candy in this one, and that Megan Fox replacement better bring the goods.

I haven’t seen Heavyweights since forever ago so I sort of forgot how awesome Tony Perkis, Jr. was in the movie.

Call me Aragorn, I dig elves.

God forbid I can watch a horribly written Grandma hand-birth scene without those liberal pricks lecturing me about the ill effects of tobacco use on an unborn fetus.

Cracks me up every time.

Taste the Rainbow

In: Commercials

30 Mar 2011

Karate Kid

In: Random

21 Mar 2011

(via reddit)

Color Me Impressed

In: Youtube

17 Mar 2011

I know we’re a tad late to the party on this one as it was already up on Tosh.0, but you cannot let this video go by unwatched.


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