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Eeeeaaasy Stripes…

In: Sports

Posted By: Doc Holliday at 10:54 pm

11 May 2011

At least act like you’re impartial, right? I’m not blaming the zebras by any means because Boston blew 4th quarters like you read about, but what the fuck were cialis pill the refs doing in this series? Consistent inconsistency on both sides of the ball. The most obvious example had Lebron taking 5 steps to the hoop two days ago to score a huge basket in crunch time while Paul Pierce got called for a travel on a step back made jump shot tonight. Like what are you doing ref? What are you looking at? Travelling is Officiating 101, these were both slow plays, how can you fuck both up? And driving in the lane might as well have been a coin flip. Both teams often kamikaze-ing their way to the basket, getting hacked from every direction, whistles and/or soccer-eqsue bitching to follow. Show me a ref you don’t notice all game because he’s not inserting himself into the action at every possible opportunity and I’ll show you a leprechaun, because neither species walks this green earth.

PS – Seeing Lebron pose like God’s gift after every basket at the end of that game was unbearable to watch. Sorry I just subjected you to it again. Anyone else suddenly a big Dirk fan?

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