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Anyone know when Elfquest comes out?

In: Youtube

Posted By: Doc Holliday at 11:49 am

12 Apr 2011

Bwahhahahahaha are you kidding me with this? Please tell me this a 30-year-old comic-loving virgin’s honest attempt to boot up Syfy Network’s next Xena or Hercules (or Beast Master or Sinbad or Legend of the Seeker).   If it’s actually a tongue in cheek parody of said franchises then they did one hell of a job. But I’m pretty sure it’s serious though, right? Has to be. The youtube info says: By commenting on this video, you agree the creators of this project have the right to use your comments in any marketing they so choose, in perpetuity, in this world or the World of Two Moons. So I don’t know, take from that what you will.

I have to commend the director on a unique accomplishment. He managed to include about 20 scantily-clad chicks, 40 close-ups, an implied caveman rape scene, shameless Twilight wolf references, and the jungle from Lost in just over four and a half minutes – all without cluing the audience in on the central plotline whatsoever.  Like what the hell did we just watch? Naked smokeshow elves are just popping out of the ground?  And they can communicate with each other because their enlarged ears give them super hearing? And there’s a dark force stirring somewhere who may or may not be Cruella DeVille at the end of the trailer? And this is taking place in the Stone Age?  Felt like I was watching an idiotic plotless Michael Bay trailer, but instead of watching incessant explosions I was looking at wood nymphs and wondering which one I’d want to bang the most.  I picked the chick at the 3:35 mark but the Carrie Underwood lookalike at :49 came in a close second. Call me Aragorn, I dig elves.

(via gammasquad)

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